New Yorgi Eesti Kool / New York Estonian School



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Good to know

Estonian School Rules

1. I will try my best to speak only ESTONIAN while at Estonian School.

2. I will come to class prepared with my books, workbooks, notebooks, pencil and homework. During class I will only use my school supplies. I will not touch or play with any electronic games, toys, other books, etc. until recess.

3. I will not eat or drink during class.

4. I will not bring food or drinks upstairs or downstairs – I will eat in the dining area.

5. I will not run on the stairs or push/shove other students. In the big hall I will not slide or ride the chairs or tables.

6. I will not ruin or break the walls or furniture in the classrooms.

7. I will not throw paper onto the bathroom floor. I will not play with the water faucets or soap containers.

8. I will behave politely and listen to my parents and teachers.